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9/27/97 Methyl Parathion Expert Panel Report
Aug 18, 1997 An Evaluation Primer on Health Risk Communication Programs and Outcomes  
    Environmental Health Policy Committee   
    Subcommittee on Risk Communication and Education

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7/27/97 ALERT: Metallic Mercury Exposure   
    National Alert: A Warning About Continuing Patterns of Metallic Mercury Exposure
7/27/97 ATSDR’s Child Health Initiative  
    Children, hazardous waste sites, and environmental health…
7/27/97 Healthy Children–Toxic Environments  
Acting on the Unique Vulnerability of Children* Who Dwell Near Hazardous Waste Sites  
Report of the Child Health Workgroup Presented April 28, 1997  
    A multidisciplinary Child Health Workgroup was appointed by the Board to help ATSDR determine  
    (1) what to do with the existing body of knowledge  
    (2) where are the key information gaps, and   
    (3) where are the best opportunities for coordination with other agencies and nongovernment organizations. The workgroup has prepared this report to recommend actions and major directions to be undertaken by ATSDR; these recommendations may also be useful to other agencies and organizations.
7/27/97 Child Health Workgroup Recommends Actions
7/27/97 Dangerous Pesticide Illegally Sprayed in Homes 
7/27/97 Five Years After Rio
7/27/97 Neurobehavioral Test Manual Published
7/27/97 Childhood Cancer Cluster in New Jersey
7/27/97 Children’s Research Conference 
7/27/97 Carol Browner Announces New Child Health Office at EPA
7/27/97 Book Review: Raising Children Toxic Free
7/27/97 Expanding Information on Pediatric Toxicology   
ATSDR–Division of Toxicology
7/27/97 Enhancing Public Health Assessments   
ATSDR–Division of Health Assessment and Consultation
7/27/97 Focusing Health Studies on Infants and Children   
ATSDR–Division of Health Studies
7/27/97 Tailoring Health Education and Promotion Activities   
ATSDR–Division of Health Education and Promotion
7/27/97 Exchanging Ideas and Information   
ATSDR–Agency Roundtable on Child Health
 Funded Opportunities

Research Programs for the Development of Methods for the Toxicity Assessment of Environmental Chemical Mixtures
[Announcement Number 747 – Closing Dates: July 15, 1997]

Public Health Interventions to Prevent or Mitigate Possible Adverse Health Effects Related to Methyl Parathion Pesticide Exposure
[Announcement Number 749 – Closing Dates: July 10, 1997]

US General Accounting Office
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9/9/97 Worker Protection: Private Sector Ergonomics Programs Yield Positive Results.  
    Despite the controversy surrounding OSHA’s draft standard, some employers have taken the initiative to address MSDs through the implementation of ergonomics programs. To learn about these programs and their results, you asked that we (1) identify the core elements of effective ergonomics programs and describe how these elements are operationalized at the facility level, (2) discuss whether these programs have proven beneficial to the employers and employees that have implemented them, and (3) highlight the implications of these employers’ experiences for other employers and OSHA.   

    To identify the core elements of effective ergonomics programs, we conducted a literature review and interviewed experts in the business, labor, and academic communities with experience in implementing such programs or expertise in the field of ergonomics. To learn how the elements of ergonomics programs have been operationalized at the facility level and determine whether these programs have proven beneficial, we conducted case studies at selected facilities of five employers, interviewing pertinent program officials and obtaining program and results data (app. I details how these facilities were selected and how the case studies were conducted). Table 1 shows the employers and facilities selected, their product or service, and their staffing level.

9/9/97 Environmental Protection: Challenges Facing EPA’s Efforts to Reinvent Environmental Regulation  
    Pursuant to a congressional request, GAO examined: (1) what the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) reinvention initiatives are and how EPA is structured to carry them out; and (2) what key issues need to be addressed for these initiatives to have their intended effect.
7/12/97 Gulf War Illnesses   
    Enhanced Monitoring of Clinical Progress and of Research Priorities Needed.   
    T-NSIAD-97-190. 11 pp. June 24, 1997.    

    Acrobat formatted report  11 pages 

6/27/97 Gulf War Illnesses:   
    Improved Monitoring of Clinical Progress and Reexamination of Research Emphasis Are Needed.   
    NSIAD-97-163, June 23, 1997.   

    Full Text (normal ASCII) Acrobat formatted report   24 pages 

6/27/97 VA Health Care:   
    Observations on Medical Care Provided to Persian Gulf Veterans.   
    T-HEHS-97-158 June 19, 1997.   
    Full text   

    Acrobat formatted report . 6 pp.  


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