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Specialty Training in 
Occupational & Environmental Medicine at 
Duke University Medical Center
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Duke University is pleased to announce the availability of training positions in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 

This ACGME- accredited training program provides the qualifications needed for board eligibility in Occupational Medicine from the American Board of Preventive Medicine.   

The Residency / Fellowship is a component of the multi-disciplinary training funded through NIOSH through its regional Educational Resource Center. 

A new Undersea Medicine Graduate Training Program is also under development in collaboration with Duke’s F.G. Hall Hypo/Hyperbaric Center and the Divers Alert Network.

Description of Training:

The Occupational and Environmental Medicine Training Program generally entails two years of training. 

In the first year, graduate training leading to a Masters in Public Health Degree is undertaken at the University of North Carolina School at Chapel Hill in the school Public Health.   

UNC-CH has one of the premier schools of public health in the US and has a large faculty who provide excellent training in occupational and environmental epidemiology, health care administration and public policy, environmental health sciences, health behavior and health education, computer sciences and biostatistics and other disciplines.  Trainees attend classes and complete a research project during the first year, while participating in some longitudinal clinical activities in occupational and environmental medicine. 

The second year focuses on supervised practicum training.  Trainees have a substantive corporate medicine experience in local industry which focuses on completing a major preventive health project. Trainees also participate in patient care activities in toxicology consulting clinics, occupational injury management clinics occupational infectious disease prevention services and prevention- oriented clinics specializing in placement and surveillance examinations for workers.  Trainees assist faculty to provide corporate toxicology consultations, visiting a variety of manufacturing facilities and other industries. 

Public health learning opportunities are available in the occupational medicine section and the environmental health section of the North Carolina health department.  Our corporate occupational mental health section provides many learning opportunities, including development of expertise in managing substance abuse problems and in managing other at risk employees in collaboration with corporate employee assistance programs. Graduates also receive training which will enable them to assess and manage indoor air quality problems, to design and implement work site wellness programs and to provide occupational injury case management, including rehabilitation services for employees with back pain or upper extremity cumulative trauma disorders.

Residents can go on for a third research training year. Our interdisciplinary research training year in occupational and environmental epidemiology is done in cooperation with the epidemiology programs at U.N.C. and within the State of NC’s Health Department’s Environmental Research Section. Fellows in this program participate in ongoing community and population studies.

Faculty and Resources for Training:

The Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Duke University is the largest multi-disiplinary academic occupational and environmental health service in the United States.   

Our faculty include: 

  • 7 physician faculty members
  • Adjunct physician faculty in corporate, industrial or private practice settings in our region
  • 10 occupational health nurses, serving in our own clinics and at regional employers
  • A comprehensive program in Occupational Mental Health, including:
    • Two comprehensive Employee Assistance Programs, including a national network of providers 
    • Two doctoral-level occupational mental health specialists
    • A post-doctoral training program in Occupational Mental Health
    • Several psychiatrically-trained social workers
  • Two doctoral-level environmental health and safety professionals
  • Two doctoral-level epidemiologists
  • MD and PhD-trained toxicologists
  • An attorney and several certified industrial hygienists and ergonomists. 
Learning resources also include a library with extensive holdings and the latest in computerized information technology.  Tuition for the MPH or MSPH at UNC-CH is provided.

Salary and Benefits: 

Competitive with similar residency programs in the US.

Who Should Apply:

Physicians who have had primary care training (usually family medicine, internal medicine, emergency medicine) and are interested in an exciting career in prevention that will yield a competitive salary with a manageable work schedule.  Military physicians desiring undersea medicine training should enquire.  Recent graduates from primary care residency training programs and individuals who have practiced in a primary care field are welcome. Duke University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Contact Woodhall Stopford, MD MSPH , residency program director.


If you have any questions regarding this page or Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Duke, 
please contact Woodhall Stopford, MD MSPH  

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