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    American Association of Occupational Health Nurses

    In its 60th year, AAOHN is a 12,000 member professional association dedicated to advancing the health, safety, and productivity of domestic and global workforces by providing education, research, public policy and practice resources for occupational and environmental health nurses.  These nurses are the largest group of health care providers serving the worksite. 




    The Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics has been a supporter of the maillist since its origins, and represents a good cross-section of exactly the multi-disciplinary kind of professionals the list is intended to serve. The organization not only serves the maillist by referring members to join, but is a financial supporter as well. AOEC is supported by ATSDR (the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry) and NIOSH (the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health).  NIOSH has also provided direct support for web-release of certain pages and materials.


    http://gilligan.mc.duke.edu/oem/welt.gif” height=54 width=166>
    Occupational Medicine and Health Protection
    Our Vision
    That work-related diseases no longer occur at BASF.
    Concentra combines its highly reputable occupational health care with its unique capacity for analyzing case outcomes of over 5 million Concentra patient visits.  This combination is used in both our medical centers and our on-site employer locations to deliver evidence-based prevention, treatment and management strategies, quality improvement initiatives and best practice patterns in both the occupational medicine and workers compensation arenas.

    Strongly committed to on-going training and education, Concentra physicians participate in local, regional and national medical programs, publish research papers and nationally respected medical textbooks in the field of occupational medicine.  Concentra clinicians—the foundation of our recognized leadership in occupational medicine—practice in 35 states at over 250 medical centers.


    Integritas, makers of STIX
    Software for Occupational Health & Safety, and Workers’ Compensation managed care.


    Kodak Health Safety & Environment Program
    Our Commitment 
    To make measurable improvements in the health, safety and environmental aspects of our products, services, and operations…every day…every month…every year.


    Maico Diagnostics

    Maico’s line of industrial hearing conservation products includes the brand new MA90 database/software audiometer and automatic microprocessor audiometers that are designed to meet demanding testing requirements. Program your own tests, customize printouts, store results, easily transfer data to your computer. The Hearing In Noise Test (HINT) can also add real-life hearing testing to your hearing conservation program.


    Medlock Consulting, a premiere search firm specializing in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 

    Medlock Consulting’s professional background includes over fifteen years in the recruiting industry, including ten years specializing exclusively in the recruitment of occupational medicine physicians. Medlock Consulting has successfully completed assignments for Fortune 500 corporations, hospitals and clinics.


    Occupational Health + Rehabilitation Inc (OH+R) is the leading provider of occupational health services in the Northeast. OH+R’s 46 occupational health centers specialize in the prevention, treatment, and management of work-related injuries and illness. In addition, we provide a full continuum of workplace health services at employer locations throughout the region. Currently, they serve several thousand employers and their respective workforces in New England and beyond.


    OEM Health Information, publishes The OEM Report, and is the distributor for hundreds of books for physicians, nurses, and others interested in occupational and environmental health and safety. Its book publishing division, OEM Press®, publishes Science on the Witness Stand; Evaluating Scientific Evidence in Law, and Low Back Pain; An Evidence-Based, Biopsychosocial Model for Clinical Management & other books pertinent to occupational and environmental health and safety.

    Tremetrics provides a complete line of microprocessor and digital audiometers, mobile testing systems, hearing test booths and comprehensive hearing/health data management software.  The new HT Wizard Easy-Touch audiometer provides innovative features never before offered in a stand-alone screening audiometer.  Tremetrics is your source for total hearing testing solutions and world-wide service and calibration.

    [Fat Blue Dot]Colleague Supporters:

    2004 Major Benefactors
    Tony L. Alleman, MD, MPH, MS
    Baystate Health System
    Daniel J. Brustein, MD, MS, CIH
    James W. Butler, MD, MPH
    B Rodrigo Cabanilla, MD, MPH
    Corporate Health Resources (CHR)
    Joseph J Fanucchi, MD, Meditrax Occ Health Systems
    Steven A. Field, MD, MSPH
    Edward I. Galaid, MD
    Dr. Marion Gillen
    Dr Ian R Gardner, Australia
    Peter Godfrey, MD
    Michael Hodgson MD MPH
    Thomas J. Hughes, MD, MPH
    Thomas B. Kibby, MD, MPH
    Lynn Laininen-Kloss
    Sandra V. McNeel, DVM
    Robert P. Naparstek, MD
    Eddie W. Runde, MD, MPH
    Nancy L. Sprince, MD, MPH
    Ronald F. Teichman, MD, MPH
    Tyco Healthcare/Mallinckrodt
    Craig A. Vitrano, MD
    Jay Van Cura, MD, MPH


    2004 Subscribers and Supporters
    Dr. Katherine Addleman
    Dr. Karen Bartlett
    Dee Bates, NP
    Milton H. Black, MD, MPH
    Jennifer Branch-Rooke, MD, MPH
    Richard H. Brody, MD
    William G. Buchta, MD, MPH
    Anthony D. Burton, MD, MPH
    Alicia Butler
    Patricia Cantagallo, MD, MPH
    Dr. Barry Castleman
    Linda Cocchiarella MD, MSc
    Barbara Cohrssen-Powell
    CPF Associates, Inc.
    William T. Crowe, RN, FNP
    Kenneth C. Curley, MD
    Barbara G. Daugherty
    Carl M Devore, MD, MPH
    Ferdinand Engelbeen, Belgium
    Manuel H. Enriquez, MD, MPH
    Evamaria Eskin, MD, MPH
    Federal Occupational Health
    Arthur L. Frank, MD, PHD
    Cindy Frost ANP-C, MSN, COHN-S
    Dr. Janet Fujikawa
    Dr. John Gehman
    Pamela A. Girres, MD, MPH
    Peter Godfrey, MD
    Patricia H Gulbrandsen, MD, MPH
    Michael R Harbut, MD, MPH
    James Harris, MD, MSPH
    Theodore R. Hatfield, MD, MS
    Deborah S. Heaney, M.D., M.P.H.
    Michael G. Holliday, B.Sc., Ph.D.
    Integrated Health Management
    Richard Kanwal
    Nathan Karch
    Laura Rachel Kaufman
    Denece Kesler, MD, MPH
    Aaron Kolb MD MPH
    Kathleen Leslie, MD, MPH
    Jia Li, MD, MPH
    Kevin L. Luppen, PA-C
    Allison McCurdy, CIH
    Robert K. McLellan, MD, MPH
    Sandra V. McNeel, DVM
    Judith R. Merritt
    Jacob T. Moll, MD, MPH
    Col. (Dr.) David Mukai
    Sandy J. Murray MD
    Occupational Care Consultants
    L Christine Oliver, MD, MS
    Dr. Orly Tibon-Fisher, Israel
    Michael C. Patellos, MD, MPH
    Kathleen Paulson
    James R. Popplow, MD, MSc
    Lawrence W. Raymond, MD, SM, FACOEM
    Mark A Roberts, MD, PhD
    Robert Rollins, MD
    Mary Ross
    Richard Row PA-C
    Jane T. St Clair, MD, MS, MS
    Donald J. Schaezler
    Joseph J Schwerha, MD, MPH
    William Scott, MD, MPH
    William S. Shaw, MD
    Dr. William M. Simpson, Jr.
    Jeff Spann
    Doug Stagg, M.D. & Bonnie Williams-Adams
    Francis J. Stagg, MD
    Jeanne Mager Stellman, PhD
    Meredith Stowe
    Michael D. Stenberg, MD
    Maryann E. Suero, Ph.D.
    Thomas L. Sutter, DO, MPH
    William J. Tarver, MD, MPH
    Brian M. Timura, MD
    Barbara Toeppen-Sprigg, MD, MPH
    Ulrike Luderer, MD, PHD, MPH
    Tim Wallace, R.S.
    Mary Wampler, MD, MPH
    Laura S. Welch, MD
    Stephen F. Wintermeyer, MD, MPH
    Richard P. Zimon, MD