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The opinions provided through the Occ-Env-Med-L maillist represent only the views of the individuals who author and post them. There is no official review of this information to monitor its accuracy or utility. The maillist is a forum, not an opportunity for actual professional consultation.

To state this more clearly:
Material distributed within this forum might be wrong.

Authors who belong to this forum are capable of entirely misunderstanding the question they read and can sometimes be far-off in the information they bring to these discussions. Their contribution is based on their own training, experience and understanding. Readers need to remain skeptical and thoughtful how they use such information. While the intent is to provide useful and important knowledge from other professionals in Occupational & Environmental Medicine, readers need to recognize that what they find in these messages can be:

abnormal bad condemnable criminal culpable dishonest
erroneous evil felonious foul guilty harmful
heinous illegal illegitimate illicit immoral improper
inadmissible inappropriate inexcusable inexpedient iniquitous injurious
irregular mischievous misguided misjudging not on the level not right
objectionable open to objection prohibited reprehensible scandalous shameful
sinful suspect tortious unapt unauthorized unbecoming
undue unfitting unforgivable unfortunate unjust unjustifiable
unjustified unlawful unpardonable unreasonable unrighteous unseemly
unsuitable unwarrantable unwarranted vicious vulgar wicked
wrong wrongheaded

modified from The Original Roget’s Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases (Americanized Version)

Material posted to the forum and to the WWW pages is often copied from public domain resources and should be considered potentially (but accidentally) erroneous. Credits (and web-links) are provided so readers have the opportunity to validate the rest of the originating source.

Announcements of web-content at private sites (eg journalism outlets) are intended to alert our readers to these materials, not to misappropriate their content. Please follow the links to the source of the information in order to review the whole content, to look for non-text materials and to allow the authors the direct readership they deserve.

This information is not to be mis-used as clinical advice. Instead, electronic distribution is provided as a convenience to readers. The acquired information must always be interpreted by an appropriate clinical professional, who will then take usual professional responsibility for the decisions made.

NONE of what is in this set of resources (the Mail-List or the OEM websites) should be considered the official opinion of the University of N.Carolina or the School of Public Health, our hosts.  Obviously, the sponsoring donors own none of the blame for the content distributed within this professional community.

Over the nine years that the forum has operated, there have been rare (May 1999, and Jan 2003) episodes where a broadcast message was fraudulent, and the message was not from the person whose name was signed to it. Such activity is called spoofing, and is probably against some law. It is prohibited here, but proves that the messages sent here may even be counterfeit (missing from my otherwise expansive list above). Readers need to be aware of this potential.

This forum is loosely governed by rules of behavior.  In order to protect the decorum and pleasant participation of our subscribers, the moderator has absolute authority to block or remove participants from these discussions. This action has been taken very rarely, and usually represents a response to blatant, intentional or repeated violations. The decision to remove participants is not intended to silence their voice or opinion, but simply to remove their disruption from this particular community. Similarly, certain topics which give rise to acrimonious, repetitive, off-topic and destructive messaging will be interrupted. Participants are encouraged to continue such discussions elsewhere.


Gary Greenberg, MD MPH

University of N.Carolina School of Public Health (adjunct still at Duke Occup. & Environ. Med.)
Sysop, Moderator and originator, Occ-Env-Med-L Maillist

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