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Gary N. Greenberg, MD MPH

Duke Faculty Member since 1987. Duke Occupational Medicine Fellowship 1982 – 1984.

My historical background:







CIGNA Healthplan of Tampa:

U. S. Public Health Service Corps, National Health Service

Current Activities


Clinical & Academic

Primary Care
In June, 1998, I carried most of my time from Occupational Medicine back to primary care clinical medicine.
I have thus returned to the tumult and exhausting glee of direct patient care, just about all of every day.  Not much to say about that on a web page… but it’s all-encompassing and fully immersing.

My clinical situation is as the internist among the Pickens Building Family Medicine practice, and I share patients with a great group of faculty and residents.
As of January 1999, we have begun to admit our practice’s patients to Durham Regional Hospital, a community hospital which has only just recently merged with Duke Medical Center. It’s an interesting transition from our days as an in-patient service at the big-house.

Occupational & Environmental Medicine
Our Occupational & Environmental Medicine group is really a terrific team and a wonderful group to share.

Internet & Electronic resources

Photo    (Can you believe that I’m doing this?)

I even get the blame for our silly logo (below).  Next up: a Duke OEM song and handshake.

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