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DUKE UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER Division of Occupational  & Environmental Medicine 


Physician Faculty


Psychology Faculty

Dennis J. Darcey, MD MPH


Craig R. Stenberg, PhD
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Carol A. Epling, MD MPH


Judith Holder, PhD

Gary N. Greenberg, MD MPH 
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Deborah W Smith, MSW

George W. Jackson, MD


Samuel D. Moon, MD MPH Acting Division Chief
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Biohazard Science Faculty

David P. Siebens, MD MPH


Debra L. Hunt, DrPH 

Woodhall Stopford, MD MSPH


Wayne R. Thomann, DrPH


Jerry J. Tulis, PhD
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Administrative Staff


Shirley B. Outland


Research Faculty 

Ellen O’Briant 


John M. Dement, PhD CIH 


Hester Lipscomb, PhD

Fellows in Occupat. & Environ. Medicine

Amanda Trimpey, MD  

Toxicology Faculty & Staff

Charles Howsare, MD


Thomas O. Brock, III PhD DABT


Ergonomics Program


Tamara M. James, MA, CIE, CPE
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Sabrina Lamar, P.T.
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 If you have any questions regarding this page or Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Duke, 
please contact Gary N. Greenberg, MD, MPH. Maps and instructions to our facilities are also available here on the Web.  

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