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Duke University Medical Center
Division of Occupational 
& Environmental Medicine
Maps & Instructions to Duke OEM Sites
Our locations are scattered around the Durham area, where our patients can find us. For out-of-towners, this may be more of a challenge, so here are detailed maps to our sites.

Research Triangle Park Clinic

Exit from I-40 at Page Road and turn SouthEast on Emperor Road, into the Imperial Center (where the Sheraton is also located). The South- (or East-bound) exit is even easier, since the exit ramp from I-40 to Page Rd becomes Emperor. The first corner is Slater Road, and our clinic is in the Oxford Place building at that corner.

Occupational & Environmental Medicine at Duke Clinic

Here’s a map to our nearest clinic, in the Duke Clinic building (previously called Duke South Hospital) on the Duke Campus where we provide care to Duke’s own employees as well as those from worksites in North Durham. 

Administrative Suite

Here’s a map to our Administrative Offices, at 2200 W. Main St, in the First Union Bldg. Our offices are on the 7th floor (looming HIGH above the rest of Durham!). 

From the airport, RTP or Raleigh: Exit from the Durham “E-West” Freeway (Hwy 147) at Swift Ave (this is later called Broad St) and turn right, then left on Main St. 
From I-85, go south from the Guess Rd exit until it ends in a 5-way intersection. Choose the slight-right option, Broad St. and take it to Main St., where you’ll turn right.

If you click on either map, you’ll be taken to a web-site where not only is this map-view a central focus, but you can also zoom in, out or around for additional views.

If you have any questions regarding this page or Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Duke,
please contact Gary N. Greenberg, MD, MPH.


The Computers in Occupational Medicine Section of the American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) has very kindly picked up some of the recent costs, based on their earnings from their annual tome, which lists the top specialized software packages available to the Occupational Health Professional. Neither they nor the ACOEM as a whole have ANY involvement nor any resulting responsibility for the information displayed in the maillist or on the web-pages.

The Occ-Env-Med-L Mail-list and these resources originated and are distributed from Duke University Medical Center. As Division Chief and faculty member, Dr. Greenberg is allowed to run this cyber-outreach without interference, and the five servers where these aggregate materials are housed (office-mail, home-mail, web-pages, gopher-text, mail-list) are each part of the University’s global infrastructure, provided without user fees.

For several years, the Duke Occup/Environ Medicine Division has received generous annual support for its professional outreach efforts from the Mobil Foundation. They not only have no role in the management of these resources, they don’t seem to have anybody who even subscribes to the OEM-L, either from Mobil Inc or from Mobil Foundation! I can’t even find an e-mail address or URL for their organization.

The Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics is supported by ATSDR (the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry) and NIOSH (the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health).

The AOEC won a 1995-1996 grant (expiring 10/1/96) to support this page and maillist at Duke from the Telecommunications and Infrastructure Assistance Program, NTIA, (National Telecommunications and Information Administration) U.S. Department of Commerce:

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