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Archives of the OEM-L Mailing List

Archive photo taken from the Center For Electronic Records:

This page is intended to provide easy access to the saved content of broadcast messages to the Occupational & Environmental Medicine mail-list.

The archives have been greatly enhanced resulting from the conversion of the maillist software to Listserv, which provides for wonderful archives, including the following features:

eScribe or Vermont SIRI
GUIDELINESfor how the list functions, subscription instructions and tips for cordial net-relations are on a separate page.


[Fat Blue Dot]The original search site for Occ-Env-Med-L, still useful since it also includes the SAFETY forum, the IH list, or Health-&-Safety Canada)

Search at the original SIRI The Vermont SIRI SAFETY folks have done a terrific job retaining archives from each mail-list. 
I also suggest looking at some of the other great stuff on their pages, at the original site or the mirror site (just in case)


If you want to follow a particular conversational thread, the list archives can be visited in monthly collections (truly unedited files showing who said what and when), and do reveal the subject lines. This is where it’s obvious how much more useful it is to answer queries to the list and not just to the questioner. *IF* you see an unanswered query and need the answer, consider posting a personal message to the individual who posted the original question. He / She may have some answers which never made it to the list-as-a-whole, sent by smart but shy OEM-L readers.


Replying to these messages will be difficult:

1) a major delay may have passed since the message was first posted

2) there is no direct “reply” capacity, requiring manual cutting and pasting

3) the software that manages the OEM-L mail-list does not accept messages from non-subscribers. Thus, if you want to communicate with the community of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, you need to join the forum first.

If you have any questions regarding this page or Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Duke,
please contact Gary N. Greenberg, MD, MPH.